Monday at the Market 6/10/2019

Pike Place Market

Monday, June 10, 2019

The market is busy with visitors and locals today.  This is the second of my attempts to walk through the market in search interesting subjects.

If you are approaching the market from the waterfront you may climb the market steps or walk up Western Avenue, where I saw this skater fly by today.

Skateboarder on Western Avenue, Seattle WA June 10, 2019

Victor Steinbrueck Park is a must visit when going through the market. This summer people stop to take in the view and to check on the progress of the Viaduct demolition.

View of viaduct from Victor Steinbrueck Park
Viewing the demolition of the Viaduct from Victor Steinbrueck Park. June 10, 2019

My first stop at the north end of the market was at the booth of Rock N’ Roll Woodwork ( The bearded vendor turned away from my camera and after I asked he said that he didn’t want to be in any photographs. Not a problem. I was there long enough to hear him say, “People really like the cats.” I continued south along Pike Place.

On this sunny day in June the umbrellas on Pike Place are only for shade.
Musician performs for passing crowds near the crafts and flower booths.

It didn’t take long to find another vendor with a rock theme – Marakesh Leather, located under the big clock in the market. Seattle is a diverse city with many subject to write about here. Rock music will certainly be covered on

Marakesh Leather at Pike Place Market
Marakesh Leather at Pike Place Market

Today’s visit to the Pike Place Market ended at First and Pike. As I headed back into the business district of Seattle I passed this bike taxi taking a break and doing what lots of us do – staring into a phone.

Bike taxi at First and Pike, Seattle
Bike taxi on break at First and Pike, Seattle WA June 10, 2019