141 Starbucks in Seattle

“There are 141 Starbucks in Seattle.”  If you were on the waterfront tour bus you might have heard this today.   You can come to Seattle and join a tour bus, or walk the waterfront with kids to see any number of attractions.  Head north on the waterfront and you’ll pass the ferry terminal, a fire station,  Ivar’s Acres of Clams, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop,  The Great Wheel, Waterfront Park and the Seattle Aquarium.  There are lots of little shops worth discovering within the covered piers, and of course there is a Starbucks on the waterfront.

Viaduct demolition is has progressed to Union Street so you can expect a walking detour around Pike Street Station.  Follow the marked path through the Pike Place Market Parking Garage up to Western Street and into the Market.  Heavy wrecking equipment is bringing a quick demise to viaduct.  The detour will probably be removed within a few days, leaving the market steps open to sunlight for the first time in decades.

Crowds line up to experience the (almost) original Starbucks store

The original Starbucks is in the Pike Place Market area, on Pike Place.  Today a line wrapped out of this Starbucks front door and north on Pike Place for about a block.   You can snap a selfie and tell your friends that you visited the first Starbucks store.  This location is actually the second store, as the original Starbucks is no longer at the first location on Western Avenue.   If the line into the original store is more than you can take,  you may want to venture another block south to 1st and Pike where a Starbucks sits at the entrance to the Pike Place Market.

Yes, if you have come a great distance to visit Seattle, you want to do the main things;  Visit the waterfront, the Space Needle and the first Starbucks store. As you are observing the sights, stop for a moment to appreciate the lesser well known experiences.   The next edition of Mondays at the Market will begin to focus on market musicians.

Musician accompanied by Bill Gates and Macklemore. Pike Place Market. @fer.diy