The Canyon at Freeway Park

Freeway park can be like a wilderness experience, right in one of the noisiest parts of Seattle. The park that caps the roaring I-5 freeway and sits between towering office buildings. It is the largest downtown public space and a great place to visit during a lunch break.

Freeway Park in BLOOM takes place Saturday, June 15th at 11 AM. Live music, iced herbal teas, flowers and Botanical Art, free grillables.

Woman sits above waterfall at Freeway Park

Today water is currently flowing through the Canyon. This isn’t always the case, so now is a good time for you to visit if you are out for a walk in the city.

The Canyon is located in Freeway Park – June 11, 2019

A sign in the park describes it like this:

The Canyon was designed to be viewed and to muffle the noise of nearby street and freeway traffic. 27,000 gallons of water are recirculated each minute through the concrete structures.

You are invited to view and explore the canyon safely by walking along the stairway-path, but you must stay out of the water.

Park features are intended to create a variety of exciting vistas and experiences and should be enjoyed with the kind of appreciation one would bring to a natural canyon of similar dimensions.

Features large and small offer mimic the noise of an enclosed canyon.